Friday, 5 July 2013

Jill of all Trades!

It's official!!
Alikoto Clothing has declared July the ladies month!
So this month has been dedicated to all the hard working ladies, the pace setters, the multi talented and daring ladies who are bending all the rules of nature just to succeed.
To celebrate the most outstanding one's, they've set up Jill of all Trades, an event that features ladies who are   primarily doing more than one activity successfully.
So far they've had 5 beautiful 'Jills' from diverse backgrounds pass through. 
Jill of all Trades currently runs on line and will soon be on tv. 
Watch out for it!
                                                                Sarah Christian
                                                           Maki Kawamoto

                                                                  Afiba Kyiamah

                                                      Esther Ashiakie Momono

                                                            Ayisha Lineo Gariba
Photo Credit: Gerard Nartey Photography

Thursday, 4 July 2013

We're Going Vintage!!

Weeeell arguably, most of us seem to have fallen for the styles from the 70's and 80's these days.
We all like to wear them but of course with a  touch of modernity here and there.
So here's Vintage GH, a clothing line that's dedicated to designing and restoring our favorite vintage clothes. Vintage GH promotes the standards of ethical fashion and also  provides mentorship for the youth as well as jobs, in a creative and exciting way.
They have a shop now, where they stock the very best of vintage clothing and give styling tips on how to rock vintage as well.
We're definitely passing by their shop at Taverna soon. We'll keep you posted.

                   Photo Credit:

Mimi Plange..You watch out for her

Threading the footsteps of internationally renowed African designers is one of our own.
Mimi Plange, an emerging Ghana-born, California-raised fashion designer is a talent to look out for.  
She launched Boudoir D'Huitres in 2007 and became known for eschewin seasonal trends in favour of staying true to her Victorian fashion and her African heritage influences. She relaunched the label under her own name for autumn/winter 2011/12.
She has recently done a capsule shoe line with Manolo Blahnik.
For spring/summer 2012 the floral prints worn by the Herero women of present-  day Namibia were her starting point for a collection of delicately tailored high-collared shirts, day dresses, maxi skirts and sequined trousers in pastel hues.
Each features intricate stitching and interprets the tribal scarification patterns found in Benin.
Even though it's such a painful process, she translates the pain into beauty.
Mimi likes the idea of incorporating historical references into clothes that ultimately feel modern,
understated and clean.

                                                 Photo Credit:

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Michelle Obama's Perfect Mix

You won't beliiieeeve who's been spotted rocking  Osei Duro's skirt ?
Michelle Obama!!! 
Yes, Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America!
So we all know she's been touring Africa with her family, but you can't imagine just how excited we got when we saw her wearing Osei Duro's Strata Panel Skirt in Green Rubics.
She made a perfect mix, pulling together the green and yellow skirt, a chiffon blouse from Nigerian designer Maki Oh and a studded belt.
We just looove the blend of prints she pulled off.
Michelle Obama wore the skirt to a discussion with students at the Sci-Bono Discovery Center in Johannesburg, South Africa, last Saturday. Being a Google + hangout, she was joined by other teenagers from across South Africa and the United States.
Oh, just so you know, the Strata Panel skirt is made in Ghana, and it is a part of Osei-Duro’s SS 2013 collection.
Grab one now directly from Osei-Duro or online at Busy-Being and Founders & Followers.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

It's the DENIMMAFIA by Akatasia!!

Its fun and affordable.
New style, new look.
Its a stylish and elegant full peplum jacket in the DENIMMAFIA collection by akataasia. It's detachable too!!!! 
We bet you haven't seen anything like this before. An all in one jacket that can be worn in six different ways!

Detach the sleeves and you have a sleeveless Peplum jacket.
Detach the peplum and awwww, an amazing Bomber jacket.
Detach the sleeves and peplum and baam!!, a sexy Vest. 
Have a lot of places to go in a day? Don't sweat it. Change your look with this elegant all in one jacket and feel new each time.
And guess what? It comes with extra sleeves and peplum in different colors. 

Super awesome right?!.

                                          Photo Credit:

Monday, 1 July 2013

What You Wear Counts

Today's blog is very interactive, you know, a  question and answer sort of thing.
Oh and our answers are based on a quick survey we had.
So quick question! What do Ghanaian teens love to wear?
Easy! Every teenager likes to imitate their favorite celebrity, be it musicians, movie stars, politicians, basically  anyone in the spotlight.  
Next question!  How are our Ghanaian celebrities influencing our teenagers in the sense of clothing. Oh yeah, we love dis one.
They've had a great impact on the youngsters. However, there are very few celebrities who dress in our local attires, the overwhelming majority dress up as "their" favorite European icons do.
How does this affect our fashion industry? 
Well you know celebrities are more or less 'ambassadors' for the country so if they don't wear locally designed clothes they fail to give our local fashion industry the exposure it needs.
So people! New week, new ways. Help our teenagers to be proud of their heritage. Promote our local fabrics, our native designs, revamp them to suit our time, help grow our fashion industry!
Thank you

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