Saturday, 13 July 2013

Beauty and Brains

Being stuffed in a hostel room with limited closet space is often the biggest concern for students obsessed with fashion. Guess what! we have a solution to this problem. Its easy!
Stock up on a few statement pieces and streamlined silhouettes that can be worn on multiple occasions and paired with just about anything.
Like wearing a classic-yet-quirky everyday outfit that can be throw on before rushing to lectures. A mix of simple colors with a plain white button-up shirt or a simple t-shirt hidden under a black or blue vintage jacket, with a colourful african print skirt, shorts, or trousers — the ultimate preppy look with an african touch.
To show you how it's done, we sampled a few students who nailed it on the streets of Accra.Hope you like it...

Friday, 12 July 2013


A pencil, a sheet of paper, a rubber eraser. Wondering what these are for?
Sometimes the greatest works are birthed from the simplest things in life.
And that's just what intrigues us about Kwesi Pencil's art.
With the simplest tools,he makes the most beautiful drawings ever.
The guy's just a genius, whatever his eyes see, whatever his mind perceives, his hands quickly print out.
We saw these and fell in love with his work instantly..have a look


The CHALE WOTE Street Art
Festival is here again!!!
Coming this September is the collective effort of many young talented people,
working together to bring about Accra’s second annual street art festival.
Taking place in the working-class Ga
community of James Town, will include street painting and stencil work, sidewalk painting and chalk art, graffiti murals,
Roller blade Stunting, DrumfunkBass, live music performances, spoken word,
Fashion Circus, art workshops, Experimental Theater and sooooo much more. Be there or be .... you know what they


Helloo people... great news!!....AMA GENFI presents its 2013 Capsule Collection. Inspired by the Strength of leather to the romance of the lace, this collection speaks to a strong,classy and sophisticated woman.
Founded in 2010, AMA GENFI is an independent up and coming fashion line run by fashion designer Ama Genfi.
The Ghanaian born, New York based fashion designer's collections embraces the idea of modern and classic, with a chic edge. AMA GENFI is definitely a label to watch out for.

Credits: Photographer: Kia Chenelle Model: Christina You Stylist: Quanasia Graham Make-up and hair by Abby Production: ANNA TOURE | PR

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


On the July 7, at the Airport View Hotel, FashionManiaGh brought together some stakeholders in the fashion industry in a conference to address issues concerning "The business of fashion" which is long overdue.
The first speaker Mr. Francis Amenakpor, HOD of Fashion Design and Textiles, Accra Polytechnic spoke on what it takes to own and survive in the various categories of businesses in the fashion industry.
The second speaker Dr. Richard Boateng, Technology Researcher and Lecturer, University of Ghana spoke on merging social media and African fashion, with major focus on marketing and brand building using social media and other platform.
participants took the opportunity to pour out their concerns and seek counsel concerning the fashion business. They expressed the desire to see more of such events.


Canvas of Style and Fashion!!

Heeey People!!!
What happens when two style addicts come together?
It's basically a styling blog.
And arguably one of our best discoveries yet.
The founders say, 'Freshwallstreet is a canvas of style purposely built to celebrate ourselves and the everyday components of our individuality through the eyes of two style addicts.'
It is a great blog and we definitely recommend it for you. 
There's so much to see and learn from there.

                                   Photo Credit:

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Edward Armah: the Bow Tie King

We took time surfing through DIY projects flooding YouTube and guess what we found?
"Tadaa"!!! "The bow tie king" himself showing how 2 tie a fancy bow tie he obviously made.
Edward Armah, a brilliant young designer who has taken the bold step to follow his passion to reinvent style, started out with an exclusive line of Butterfly Bow ties and expanded his passion to regular neckties, cravats, tuxedo vests and smoking jackets.
Edward Armah’s smart idea of a bowtie that can be worn in four different ways, has gained much
popularity across borders.
Turning heads and raising brows his classic bow ties and innovations have revealed the true union between art and style.

Work-appropriate Dresses You'll Actually Want To Wear After-Hours

Dressing for work doesn't exactly give us butterflies. If only our work wear could be a little more like our casual wear...we know you'll love that. Well, we've found the solution to your workwear dreads. These are 10 dresses that are fun classy and workplace-appropriate at the same time. Designed by our very own local designers. ...Duaba Serwaa, Christie Brown, sarah Christian, Mina Evans, Pokua Poku.... even better! Thanks to dramatic silhouettes, eye-catching colors, and trendy prints — you'll actually want to wear 'em long after the clock strikes five.
You'll definitely thank us when you no longer have to lug your "play clothes" to work in an overstuffed tote bag. *Wink*