Friday, 19 July 2013

Gee Aay Designs

In March this year, a new fashion house was birthed into our industry.
Gee Aay Designs! 
Fashion designers and client service personnel teamed up to create modified African wears that boast of aesthetic integrity. 
Four months down the lane and they lots to show for their hard work.

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B2 Modeling Boot Camp.

Strap up y'all!
B2 Modelling School is running a 3day intense model boot camp.
If you're 16 and above, you've made the cut.
Boot Camp starts today through to the 21st of July from 3pm-6pm.
Contact +233200794211 or
Oh and guess what, you get a one on one tuition with Ghanaian supermodel Belinda Baidoo herself.

mSimps on WomenPreneurs

WomenPreneurs is baaaack!
Last month was MD of the Body Butter Company and this month they're bringing on Mabel Simpson,  CEO of mSimps.
Join Bernard Kelvin Clive and his crew on Top Radio 103.1 fm for this month's edition.
#WomenPreneurs is proudly supported by FashionistaGh

Rebirth of A.J Nelson

Friday's here already, weekend's drawing close huh?
We found the perfect thing for you this weekend.
'Smooth Live Sessions'.
One Nation Entertainment is giving you the opportunity to have a feel of their evergreen rapper A.J Nelson.
This Saturday, A.J is going to be rebirthed and best of all, he's going to be performing live for the first time.
We'll supporting A.J on his big night and we know he's going to deliver thrilling performances.
Be at Taverna Tropicana Saturday night and enjoy smooth soothing music.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Duaba Serwa Now Available at the Viva Boutique

Duaba Serwa's making her collections available for the sophisticated women who appreciate the very  best of genuine African clothing.
Rush to the Viva Boutique at the Marina Mall and get your very own exclusive piece.

Shop Like A Diva

Shopping time ladies.....
Last time was goood, so it's here again.

Aya Morrison's inviting us to come drink and shop. 

A great opportunity to pick out your favorite Aya Morrison labels. 

Date is July 26 and 27 and the venue is the Aya Morrison Atelier at Dzorwulu.
You just cant miss out.
Even better,they're giving discount too!!
Sounds awesome right?
Come lets find out.

#TBT: Mefiri Ghana!

Remember this piece?
If you dont, then your clearly not old school enough. Yes we said it. Lol
One of the nations oldest sandals.
Made out of receyled tyres, this trend saved money and left the nation mostly tyre litter free. And guess what!
Some fans still wear them.
Dont believe me, ask a real Ghanaian. Hahaha...
Ok!!!. No more teasing..
Just another throwback to show our young readers the beginning of Gh's fashion journey.

Photo Credit: Google

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Anita Quansah London's Neck Art Collection For 2013

Fashion is all about being bold and daring. 
That's why we love Anita Quansah London's new neck art collection for 2013.
Her new collection features bold statement accessories, a fusion of colorful beads, stones, crystals, shells, feathers etc, all coming together to create neck pieces that enhance beauty and societal  admiration.
"I have applied my knowledge of decorating and textiles to create pieces that are a celebration of handicraft and true craftsmanship" says the designer.
Clearly one of her bests works yet.

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Miss Ghana Street Fashion Show

the Miss Ghana Street Fashion Show for 2013 held at Unique Floral Garden last Sunday was a major success.
Showcasing designs from Delluchi Couture, accessories by Katitorba and shoes provided by Mymiry, the 20 fab finalists gleefully cat walked on the runway.
Absolutely delightful right? Of cause it, was!
Another event that makes you proud to be Ghanaian huh...*smiles...

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Caring for our African Prints

So while we're all busy rocking our African prints, you'd agree we have challenges maintaining their lustre right?
Not forgetting the complicated embroidery, lace and diamante stones they're sometimes designed with.
Well we put a few tips together to help you care for your prints.
First of, you shouldn't wash your prints too often, dry them out in the sun instead. This way the fabric wouldn't fade early and you won't have to worry about loosing your embellishments.
Also, you should gently hand wash your African print clothes and avoid using strong detergents.
Lastly, pay attention to the temperature of heat you apply while ironing, most African prints are made of cotton, which would require high heat but they may have attachments made of linen, voile, silk, etc, which might require different temperature levels.
So there you go, hopefully your print clothes would now last longer than they usually do.

                       Photo Credits: Sarah Christian
                                               Afro Chic clothing
                                               Maksi Clothing
                                               Mina Evans
                                               N'kya Designs
                                               Poqua Poqu


Ozwald Boateng Makes Ghana Proud Again

We've got breaking news, there's a new 'fashion doctor'.
During its 2013 graduation ceremony yesterday, the London College of Fashion awarded  Ozwald Boateng with the title of Honorary Doctor for his contribution to the field of Fashion Tailoring.
This is a much deserved award don't you think?
Ozwald is the creative director of the Ozwald Boateng 'Bespoke Couture'. He started tailoring for men in the 1980's and has since worked  hard to redefine the famous British art of bespoke tailoring.
He's tailored for many celebrities including Jamie Foxx who rocked one of his suits at this year's BET awards. 
Congrats Ozwald! We're proud of you!

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Struggling with short hair? Reasons You’re Stuck at Medium Length

Medium hair length blues are not uncommon among ladies.
Some have cut their hair off returning to shorter hair.
If you are presently at a crossroad in your hair journey, then here are a few things to avoid. 
1. Experimenting with hair color
2.  Excessive exposure to heat like blowing drying curling and straightening hair too often.
3. leaving our ends dry
4. vigorous detangling.
5. Don’t become a product junkie.
6. Over shampooing. Shampooing strips your hair of it’s essential oils.
7. unhealthy eating habits

Tie Dye Pants; The New Craze

Here's another blog we're loving.
House of Cramer!
Fashion and styling is what they live for, working their magic on anything that comes their way.
See what they did with Mina Evans' tie dye pants.

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