Friday, 26 July 2013


Time to Trash Talk guys!!!
With just a day more to go before their Big Day we met up with VintageGH to find out more about their upcoming fashion show.
Read our chat below:
  • Tell us about Trash Talk?
Trash Talk is a fashion showcase which highlights brands made here in Ghana that operate as ethical and socially responsible brands. We believe the fashion industry is growing at quite an impressive rate and in order for it all to be sustainable we need to promote a level of consciousness in fashion that gives it life, meaning and greater purpose.
  • How did the idea for Trash Talk come about?
Trash Talk is all about creativity and innovation. Our head designer, Jojo Abot has always loved up-cycling and reusing materials such as scrap leather, fabrics, wood and plastic among other things in the creation of artistic pieces. We wanted to extend that opportunity to other designers to do the same, all in support of a positive message. 
Trash Talk offers that exciting opportunity. 
As a brand, our goal has always been to be strong collaborators. We are a brand that hopes to unite labels in ways that create platforms for us all to grow together. We want to create something that young people can relate to and feel a part of. We want to use fashion, music and art to promote messages that will educate and empower in a way that hopefully results in both economic and social growth. We want our generation to set a positive  pace for future fashion kings and queens.
  • Who is going to be at Trash Talk?(People playing a role at the event)

Still by Letsa
  • How did you select the designers showcasing?
We selected designers that have done a wonderful job so far of reinvesting in their communities and people. Brands that promote African values and have a strong youth influence. We wanted brands that stand for something greater than fashion and we believe we found them!
  • What impact do you want to make on the fashion industry with Trash Talk?
Trash Talk will be an ongoing project and we plan on  having many more editions. Our hope is that through this project we can draw out Ghanaian brands both here and abroad and dare them to think of fashion in more sustainable and socially responsible ways. Our work speaks volumes of our personal values as designers and we hope that Ghana will one day be celebrated as a country promoting fashion with a conscience. 
  • Who should be at Trash Talk?
  • What should patrons expect at the event?
You can expect a night of innovation, fantasy and fashion.  
  • Ghana's creative industry seems to be growing fast. Where do you see it 5 years from now?
If things go the way we dream, Ghana will indeed be a positive reference for creative communities all over the world. We will attract our youth abroad home and together we will build the infrastructure necessary for Ghana to indeed be a leading creative space. Our creativity will have heart.
  • There seems to be an ethical fashion market growing in the country, do you think it can be sustained and what do you see for the future of ethical fashion in Ghana.
The ethical fashion market is growing and we are happy to be part of the story. It can most certainly be sustained as long as we all make a commitment to sustain it. We believe in the power of the people. Our future will be as we will it... 
  • VintageGH has always supported collaborative work.Why?
It's our brand. It's what we believe in. Simple. We look back on our story as Ghanaians and our best times were times when we stood together for a cause. That is the path to a greater future for Ghana, each man linking arms with the other while pushing for collective progress.
  • Any benefits so far?
We are only 3 months old so the future awaits us. The greatest benefit so far has been working with brands who see the value in our message and are eager just as we are to promote a new consciousness in fashion here in Ghana and abroad. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013


August is nigh...
Know what that means?
Its mid year!
Don't you think you need a wardrobe change?
Well we think you do and we found the perfect place for you.
Imagine, four great brands, coming together to give you all you need at a single fair.


Biggest trend this season is accessorizing with African print.
But lets face it, our pockets dont always allow us the luxury of buying the things we love right?
And most times we just don't know what to do with our favorite pair of heels.
No worries, there's always good old DIY to fall back on.
Here's  a video showing you how to drape your heels with African print.
#Easy  #SavesCash  #BrandNew #Fabulous  



VintageGH presents Trash Talk!!
A night of networking, fashion, great music and partyyyy!
On Saturday night, the best of Ghana's creative industry are coming together to present a one a kind ethical fashion showcase.
Come feast on a collection of pieces from selected designers as well as hand-painted pieces by young Ghanaian artists.
And oh, Make sure you get caught by our lenses :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

WomenPreneurs Feature: Regina Agyare

This Saturday WomenPreneurs is featuring Regina Agyare, Founder and CEO of Soronko Solutions.
 Regina Agyare is a young, dynamic, social entrepreneur who is finding new ways to harness technology to promote social change in West Africa. - See more at:
 Regina's a young social entrepreneur who's using technology to promote positive social change in West Africa.
Tune in to Top Radio 103.1 fm and join Bernard Kelvin Clive as he interacts with this dynamic lady.

 Regina Agyare is a young, dynamic, social entrepreneur who is finding new ways to harness technology to promote social change in West Africa. - See more at:
 Regina Agyare is a young, dynamic, social entrepreneur who is finding new ways to harness technology to promote social change in West Africa. - See more at:
 Regina Agyare is a young, dynamic, social entrepreneur who is finding new ways to harness technology to promote social change in West Africa. - See more at:

Hall of Peters

Here's an evening gown we know you'd love.
The dress stands out because of its indigenous but extravagant style.
It comprises a Woodin bodice print, a sweetheart Neckline, contrasting lace insert at the front and a high-low skirt with long trail.
The cut is from Hall Of Peters, a Ghanaian based ready to wear designer label.
HOP aims at bringing an exquisite style of design,mixed with the custom styles of African cuts.
Photo Credit: Fashion


Efya: The Fashion Diva

She's flawless, sexy, super talented and has a wild fashion sense.
Our personality for the week..Efya!
No doubt her silky smooth voice has won the hearts of many but her unique style has also made her a fashion icon.
When it comes to outfits, Efya's always on top of her game.
For her there's never a dull moment in her closet.
She mostly wears outfits made by Ghanaian designers and that's her secret to a unique look at any event.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

RINGS BY e-10-ty.

Even though Wedding Rings serve as a symbol of union between two people.... doesn't mean it has to be plain and boring. 
Check out Hues & Alloys  ring collection, uniquely hand-crafted by e-10-ty.
A variety or precious metals and stones intricately designed to catch the eye of its beholder.
Seriously... we don't think you'll be turned down after proposing with such a gem...*wink

 Photo Credit:

Kente & Beads Exhibition

The Kente and beads exhibition held at the Artists Alliance gallery (Omanye house) at La was yet another historical moment for Ghana in fashion. The traditional cloth of both the Ashanti and Ewe people, Woven with fine cotton (some rayon) were a sight to see. Can u believe some kente cloths on display were as old as 90years!!. Now thats old. Durability at its best. The beads, o my.. such intricate and exquisite colourful designs with so much history caught the eyes of every one.
The opportunity to string and design your very own beads was the part we loved best.
Here are some shots we took.....

Trendy & Trending.

Hello guys,
Guess what, we've been researching and it seems head wraps are trending this season.
So wrap up, and  highlight your appearance with this classic African trend.
And oh,  nicely tied head wrap can compensate for a not so great looking outfit.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Ghana UK Fashion Show 2013

The Ghana UK  Fashion Show held at The Camden Centre in King's Cross, London was a major sucess.

Showcasing spectacular designs never seen before left the audience speechless. 

Sponsored by vodafone, this event held annually, is dedicated to providing a platform for talent from Ghana and beyond. 

Guiseppine Baafi wins Miss Ghana 2O13

Aaaand there's a new queen!
Saturday night saw the crowning of Miss Guiseppine Baafi as Miss Ghana 2013.
Magaret Kuma-Mintah and Crystal Selorm Amudzi took the 1st and 2nd runner up respectively.
The event, held at Banquet Hall, State House, was a night full of fashion, fundraising and entertainment.
Gracing the occasion were former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare and Miss World 2012, Wenxia Yu attending.
Patrons of the show were treated to sizzling performances by Sherifa Gunu, saxophonist Steve Bedi and Kwabena Kwabena.
A lot of money was also raised to fund projects of the Miss Ghana Foundation.

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