Friday, 16 October 2015

VLISCO introduces Prêt-à-Porter

“Pick up your dress on Saturday at 3pm. This time, I won’t fail you, I promise!”

Two weeks later, you still don’t have the dress. Finally, after a month passes, you get the dress and the style is all wrong! Ah!

Sometimes, having a seamstress sew for you is hard. We’ve all experienced this before.

The Vlisco Pret–A-Porter collection is ready- to-wear and features several styles in rich, vibrant colours. Just walk into any Vlisco Boutique, try on the available styles, and walk out with the excitement you can only feel from getting well-tailored clothes that fit perfectly. The collection guarantees that you get premium style made from premium fabric.

The newest styles feature Vlisco’s latest fabric collection, SEE, which is centered on beautiful illusions full of depth and perspective set in a foundation of a rich, velvety blue. 

Check out some of new additions to the collection courtesy

Head into your nearest Vlisco boutique to see the full range of styles from the latest Pret-a-Porter collection.