Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Aya Morrison is a chic, moderate –end luxury line of women’s ready to wear clothing point, inspired beachwear/resort wear, bespoke unisex couture pieces and fashion handbags and accessories.
Fuelled by imagination, innovativeness, passion and details, Aya Morrison's clothing line is for women who are feminine, statement –makers and uniquely fashion forward.
Aya Morrison wishes to create a fashion revolution that embraces individuality, comfort and style. With so many collections to her credit, Aya is taking her clothing line to the next level.
The Brand is one of the pioneering fashion brands in Ghana providing style conscious women affordable luxury in breathtaking designs from purses, bags, chic women’s wear apparel, swim wear/beach, hand bags and accessories. Aya is the only Ghanaian fashion label to own the swim space, skilfully using beautiful 

African print to craft from flattering designs to compliment every body type.In its sixth year of business, the fashion giant who offers celebrity styling services for fashion shows, public appearances and styled the likes of Becca, Raquel, and Joselyn Dumas, shows no sign of slowing down.  Year after year, the power house Aya Morrison fashion brand shows there is more to be given from the fashion world, especially from Africa.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Accessorize with mSimps

It's been four years since Ghanaian bag making brand mSimps came up.  mSimps specialize in handmade customized accessories; ladies hand bags, clutches, purses, tote –bags, laptop bags, ipad cases, hair and dress brooches and men’s slippers.

mSimps is known for elegance in simplicity. And one unique feature that makes their products stand out is their attention to detail and customer satisfaction. mSimps designs are inspired by African fashion and prints especially its colours and patterns.
mSimps remains a symbol of quality and effort that reflects positively on their clients. One of Ghana’s trendiest and urbanized design brands. 

Monday, 13 October 2014



A  Ghanaian fashion brand which draws inspiration from the rich Ghanaian culture, lifestyle, taste and preferences. The chocolate brand has grown rapidly in this past few years due to detailing, passion to become the best custom made menswear fashion brand in Ghana.


 Chocolate by Bediako is one of the few designers that does it all, talk of shoes, sandals suits, blazers, and many more amazing designs. Having designed for the likes of manifest, Kwabena Kwabena all the black stars players, black boy of GhOne  and many more reputable people. The chocolate by Bediako identities with personality who take pride in committed to developing good looks. “Real men don’t chocolate, they wear it”. Chocolate by Bediako is indeed with an exotic feel.

Shop location: Kisseman, Achimota
Phone number: 233 234720227

Email address: