Tuesday 22 December 2015

Enjoy Christmas the Vlisco way.

Christmas....... Gift-giving

Christmas...... Gift-giving

Christmas....... Gift-giving

Christmas is an exciting period. It's a time where you get to reflect on the year gone by and appreciate the people who are in your life. It's also a wonderful period to spoil yourself a little bit and appreciate YOU.
This year, Vlisco is not only giving away several gifts; they are also making gift-giving easier for you. You can pick fabric for yourself and for loved ones easily by visiting their gift guide and segmenting their premium fabric either by budget, design or colour.

Just visit http://v-inspired.vlisco.com/gift-guide/ and click on BY BUDGET, BY DESIGN or BY COLOUR. Immediately, Vlisco will present you with beautiful fabric that delivers exactly what you want in a gift! No need to move from your home, no need spending hours trying to decide. All the hard work is done for you by Vlisco. Talk about convenience!

So go ahead....

Pick a gift based on your budget

Or pick a gift based on the design patterns you absolutely love :)

Or decide on a gift based on colour!

Or why not take advantage of Prêt-à-Créer: the perfect match for a fashionable look
Discover the perfect pre-packs of hand-selected complementary Vlisco fabrics which you can easily turn into fashionable pieces.
Now you can create a Vlisco look by yourself or, if you prefer, hand it over to your tailor or stylist. Each Prêt-à-Créer pre-pack contains a combination of 2 & 2 yards, or 2 & 4 yards fabrics, an embroidered badge and a Vlisco metal tag. This collection's packages include an exquisite set of crystals to add sparkling highlights to your outfits.
It's really that simple. 

What's more, you get FREE fabric if you buy 3 pieces of 6-yard Vlisco fabric. That means you get a gift from Vlisco after you buy a gift for mum, dad and your best friend :)


Vlisco is definitely in a gift-giving mode.
Season’s Greetings, everyone.

Monday 14 December 2015

Voila for You, By Vlisco

When you think of Vlisco fabric, you immediately think of quality, beauty and prestige. When you are given Vlisco fabric, you know you've been given very valuable, premium Dutch fabric. In Ghana, we know Vlisco is the one true premium 'Hollandais'. It is aspirational, mature, daring and alluring. 

With this background in mind, it's exciting to hear about the new Voila for You, by Vlisco fabric collection.

Fabrics in this collection are soft to the touch and silky smooth on the skin. The fact that they are made of lightweight 100% cotton voile makes these fabrics perfect for creating stylish blouses, skirts and dresses.

What do we, at FashionistaGH, love about this collection? 


1. The colour palette is vibrant and truly sensational.

2. Each fabric in the collection is a natural complement to the next making it perfect to mix and match different prints in the collection to create absolutely stunning clothes for all occasions.

3. Fabrics in the collection deliver the same Vlisco promise of quality at a relatively lower price.

There are too many reasons why you should walk into any of the Vlisco boutiques to check out this collection. Rather than list all the reasons, we will show you some of the beautiful fabrics in the collection and know that you will be headed to the Vlisco boutiques really soon... perhaps today :)

Congratulations on being one of the first people to see these beautiful fabrics. The entire collection will be showcased for all to see on Wednesday 16th December between 3pm and 6pm at the Woodin store in Osu. Kindly share the artwork below on your social media pages, tag 5 friends and join the fun competition to win 2 yards of Voila for you by Vlisco. The person with the most likes on their shared post wins and will get the fabric at the showcase.

All the best and see you on Wednesday :)

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Vlisco collaborates with Tigo to raise awareness of anti-counterfeiting in the textile industry and bring fashion and beauty experts together to share corporate grooming tips.

Leading textile manufacturer Vlisco has teamed up with Tigo Ghana to organise a fashion and beauty workshop dubbed ‘Your Personal Brand @ Tigo,’ bringing together experts from the fashion and beauty industry, to educate consumers and staff on how to be chic and stylish while still looking professional for the corporate environment.

The workshop is also part of Vlisco’s Connoisseur of Style initiative aimed at enlightening the public on how to identify a real Vlisco fabric from a fake one as part of an ongoing anti-counterfeit campaign Vlisco launched in 2013 to enable consumers to feel confident they are purchasing an original Vlisco fabric.
Speaking on the collaboration, Mr. Stephen Badu, Marketing Director for Vlisco said “Vlisco is excited about teaming up with Tigo to educate staff and consumers on how to wear their Vlisco fabrics in new, professional styles enabling them to dress for success all the while continuing to fight the growing problem of counterfeit textiles by spreading the word about how to authenticate their Vlisco fabrics.” He added, “We want consumers to feel confident and flaunt our fabrics with pride and style while experiencing the beauty of identifying the real Vlisco wax Hollandais.”
Tigo Ghana is always interested in finding excellent opportunities to add value to their employees by hosting various initiatives aimed at developing and growing their team to be more effective and successful. Elizabeth Arhin, Director, Human Resource at Tigo Ghana said, “We are delighted that Vlisco joined us to execute a workshop that will help our employees perform at a higher standard and that we could also treat them to an educative fun day of personal grooming and fashion.

Speakers at the workshop
The fashion and beauty experts presenting at the workshop included:
-          Elizabeth Patterson – Vlisco Ambassador 2015
-          Afua Rida – Fashion Blogger & Stylist
-          Linda Afua Asantewaa – CEO of Befitting
-          Aisha Obuobi – CEO of Christie Brown
-          Aretha Yorke-Sabeng –Brand Manager for Maybelline New York in Ghana
-          Christine Kastner – CEO OF Red Ginger for Hair
How to identify a real Vlisco Wax Hollandais
As part of the anti-counterfeit campaign, Vlisco is continuously educating consumers on the essential features that will help them to distinguish a genuine Vlisco Wax Hollandais. These features can be summed up as follows:
1.       THE SUN: Find our well-known sun on the fabric label and you will see the iconic VVH crest.
2.       THE DESIGN NUMBER: Compare the number on the selvedge with the number on the white label. In an 
 original this is identical
3.      THE SELVEDGE: When we talk about the selvedge, we are referring to the unprinted edge of the fabric.
       Look for the words VERITABLE WAX HOLLANDAIS VLISCO at one side, while the other side proudly
4.       THE LABEL: All Vlisco fabrics are printed in Helmond, Holland, at our own factory. This is proudly stated in          our PRINTED BY VLISCO IN HOLLAND statement, on the label. 
To find certified Vlisco outlets where genuine Vlisco Wax Hollandais is sold, visit www.vlisco.com.

Monday 9 November 2015


Accra, 28th October 2015:   Vlisco, the leading textile brand and manufacturer, held a spectacular fashion show and auction featuring well-known celebrities to support the Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation in the fight against malaria which kills an estimated 660,000 people worldwide (WHO), many of whom are children under the age five in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For ten years, the Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation (IMPF) has been working tirelessly to inform people about the prevention and treatment of malaria through outreach education programs and distribution of mosquito nets in under-developed areas of Ghana, where they are needed most. In 2011, the Foundation built its firstCommunity-based Health Planning Services (CHPS) clinic and aims to build one in each of the ten regions in Ghana, markedly improving access to healthcare for some of the most marginalized communities. The second CHPS clinic is currently being built in Adenkrebi, Greater Accra and all the funds raised from the event was donated towards completing the clinic this year.

The event centered on an exciting fashion show featuring celebrity models Marie Humbert, Anita Erskine, Wiyaala, Gena West, Akofa Edjeani and Kokui Selormey who strutted on the catwalk in beautiful outfits made with Vlisco fabric by some of Ghana’s leading fashion designers (Poqua Poqu, Royal Dennis, Kofi Gyedu, Alinafe, Rowvon and House of Eccentric).

An auction followed the fashion show giving guests the opportunity to bid for the one off exclusive outfits modeled by the celebs and be amongst the first to get their hands on the latest Vlisco collection, SEE – a dazzling parade of eye-catching designs full of optical illusions and set in a deep, velvety blue palette.

Vlisco MD Kofi Boateng commented: “Malaria is a disease that affects women and children disproportionately, and as a brand that cares very deeply for both of these groups we are honored to be partnering with the IMPF for the third year running to support them in their efforts.”

The event was also supported by Access Bank and Delta Air Lines who donated a business class ticket towards the auction.

Check out some images from the event:

Kokui Selormey In Poqua Poqu for Vlisco

Akofa Adjeani in Rowvon for Vlisco

Marie Humbert in Kofi Gyedu for Vlisco

Wiyaala in House of Eccentric for Vlisco

Gena West In Alinafe for Vlisco

Anita Erskine in Royal Dennis for Vlisco

Vlisco, The True Original.

Friday 16 October 2015

VLISCO introduces Prêt-à-Porter

“Pick up your dress on Saturday at 3pm. This time, I won’t fail you, I promise!”

Two weeks later, you still don’t have the dress. Finally, after a month passes, you get the dress and the style is all wrong! Ah!

Sometimes, having a seamstress sew for you is hard. We’ve all experienced this before.

The Vlisco Pret–A-Porter collection is ready- to-wear and features several styles in rich, vibrant colours. Just walk into any Vlisco Boutique, try on the available styles, and walk out with the excitement you can only feel from getting well-tailored clothes that fit perfectly. The collection guarantees that you get premium style made from premium fabric.

The newest styles feature Vlisco’s latest fabric collection, SEE, which is centered on beautiful illusions full of depth and perspective set in a foundation of a rich, velvety blue. 

Check out some of new additions to the collection courtesy www.styledbyrida.com

Head into your nearest Vlisco boutique to see the full range of styles from the latest Pret-a-Porter collection.

Wednesday 7 October 2015


It's interesting how some fashion trends which have been around for so long disappear only to resurface after a while. Sometimes they resurface with an extra touch.

In the 1920s knitwear was very popular especially in the western world. Coco Chanel made prominent use of it and Vogue magazine featured assorted patterns. However, in the 1980s knitting lost its popularity, the craft was seen as old-fashion and children were no longer taught to knit in schools.

Knitwear is back and our fashion designers are using it creatively.

Amoan's Clothing launched a whole collection that combined knitting and fabric. Below are some of the pieces in that collection.

Ohema Ohene makes knitted cardigans that are fused with African print.
Another creative way in which the trend is being used is in making bags.

It’s amazing how we can see our African print fabrics neatly combined with knitting and crocheting. The outcome is classic and unique. 

Let's see how long this trend would be around for.

Monday 5 October 2015

Redesigning Your Store Layout

Your store layout has an influence on shopper behaviour. Your layout could either get shoppers to stay longer and buy more or get them to run out as soon as they enter.

No matter your store size, redesigning could be simple if you keep in mind these 4 concepts (Theme, Lighting, Atmosphere and Storefront).


Decide on your store's theme. The merchandise you have can help you figure out the kind of theme to choose. For instance, If you’re selling swimwear, you could probably have a beach theme. Colours play a big role in theme-setting. Using shades of grey and black creates a sensuous, sophisticated atmosphere whereas using bright yellows, greens, and blues create a fun atmosphere. Bright colours do not always have to be associated with children. Be creative. Be bold. Perhaps, it's time for you to finally pick a store theme or change the one you've been using for so long. Enjoy the process.


Well placed lighting in stores go a long way to enhance design layouts. Soft lighting rather than harsh fluorescent lighting will create an inviting atmosphere. Also consider using spotlights to draw attention to products in your displays. Illuminating your products from beneath is a very effective trick to draw attention to them.
Pictured: The Vlisco store.


You can alter your store's atmosphere by experimenting with furniture and different textures of fabric. For instance, Wood flooring will create a more inviting feel than linoleum. Consider adding lavish textures like satin. Furnishing your boutique in an unusual way could create style and help differentiate you - there are no hard and fast rules to this. Go ahead and be creative.


Your storefront’s appearance will either draw shoppers or push them away. Your storefront should include distinct touches to give shoppers a taste of what you sell. Change the items in your displays every now and then to keep your store interesting for shoppers.

Remember, a well planned layout could greatly boost your sales. Consider doing some redecorating now that you have learnt a thing or two about layout. Maybe you should select a new theme, re-adjust your lighting system, or take the appearance of your storefront more seriously. Let’s see how your sale skyrockets when you do.

Friday 10 April 2015

SLEEK Model & Make-up search evictions begin

This weekend marks the end of the road for six (6) finalists in the Sleek Model & Make-Up Search takes place in Accra tomorrow.

Four (4) models and two (2) make-up artists will be evicted, leaving the competition with 12 models and 6 make-up artists according to event organizers, LIPP GLOBAL.

The winning model gets a visit to the Sleek office in London, an official vehicle for the period of reign, a year’s supply of Sleek products, official face for all Sleek promotional materials, an opportunity to work with a modelling agency in South Africa, a cash prize of 3000 cedis and free grooming for a year. The runners up get free grooming, an opportunity to take part in key CSR activities of Sleek, and months of free product supply.

The winning make up artiste gets a cash prize of GHc 2000, training with the Sleek office in London, and free supply of products for a year among a host of other tie-ins.

The finalists of the Sleek Ambassador Make-Up Artist & Model Search will be showing in at The FashionistaGH Shopping Festival event. 1st - 3rd May at the Trade Fair Centre. 

The event is a Ladies in Prestige and Purpose (LIPP GLOBAL) event, sponsored by Sleek Cosmetics and supported by LA Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Africa World Airlines, Clickx photography, Buck Press, Media Majique, Karl Aubin, logistics movers,  Pkog,  Nallem,  Chocolate,  Harmattan, Kash Boutique and Shinnels saloon.