Wednesday, 7 October 2015


It's interesting how some fashion trends which have been around for so long disappear only to resurface after a while. Sometimes they resurface with an extra touch.

In the 1920s knitwear was very popular especially in the western world. Coco Chanel made prominent use of it and Vogue magazine featured assorted patterns. However, in the 1980s knitting lost its popularity, the craft was seen as old-fashion and children were no longer taught to knit in schools.

Knitwear is back and our fashion designers are using it creatively.

Amoan's Clothing launched a whole collection that combined knitting and fabric. Below are some of the pieces in that collection.

Ohema Ohene makes knitted cardigans that are fused with African print.
Another creative way in which the trend is being used is in making bags.

It’s amazing how we can see our African print fabrics neatly combined with knitting and crocheting. The outcome is classic and unique. 

Let's see how long this trend would be around for.