Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Enjoy Christmas the Vlisco way.

Christmas....... Gift-giving

Christmas...... Gift-giving

Christmas....... Gift-giving

Christmas is an exciting period. It's a time where you get to reflect on the year gone by and appreciate the people who are in your life. It's also a wonderful period to spoil yourself a little bit and appreciate YOU.
This year, Vlisco is not only giving away several gifts; they are also making gift-giving easier for you. You can pick fabric for yourself and for loved ones easily by visiting their gift guide and segmenting their premium fabric either by budget, design or colour.

Just visit http://v-inspired.vlisco.com/gift-guide/ and click on BY BUDGET, BY DESIGN or BY COLOUR. Immediately, Vlisco will present you with beautiful fabric that delivers exactly what you want in a gift! No need to move from your home, no need spending hours trying to decide. All the hard work is done for you by Vlisco. Talk about convenience!

So go ahead....

Pick a gift based on your budget

Or pick a gift based on the design patterns you absolutely love :)

Or decide on a gift based on colour!

Or why not take advantage of Prêt-à-Créer: the perfect match for a fashionable look
Discover the perfect pre-packs of hand-selected complementary Vlisco fabrics which you can easily turn into fashionable pieces.
Now you can create a Vlisco look by yourself or, if you prefer, hand it over to your tailor or stylist. Each Prêt-à-Créer pre-pack contains a combination of 2 & 2 yards, or 2 & 4 yards fabrics, an embroidered badge and a Vlisco metal tag. This collection's packages include an exquisite set of crystals to add sparkling highlights to your outfits.
It's really that simple. 

What's more, you get FREE fabric if you buy 3 pieces of 6-yard Vlisco fabric. That means you get a gift from Vlisco after you buy a gift for mum, dad and your best friend :)


Vlisco is definitely in a gift-giving mode.
Season’s Greetings, everyone.