Monday, 5 October 2015

Redesigning Your Store Layout

Your store layout has an influence on shopper behaviour. Your layout could either get shoppers to stay longer and buy more or get them to run out as soon as they enter.

No matter your store size, redesigning could be simple if you keep in mind these 4 concepts (Theme, Lighting, Atmosphere and Storefront).


Decide on your store's theme. The merchandise you have can help you figure out the kind of theme to choose. For instance, If you’re selling swimwear, you could probably have a beach theme. Colours play a big role in theme-setting. Using shades of grey and black creates a sensuous, sophisticated atmosphere whereas using bright yellows, greens, and blues create a fun atmosphere. Bright colours do not always have to be associated with children. Be creative. Be bold. Perhaps, it's time for you to finally pick a store theme or change the one you've been using for so long. Enjoy the process.


Well placed lighting in stores go a long way to enhance design layouts. Soft lighting rather than harsh fluorescent lighting will create an inviting atmosphere. Also consider using spotlights to draw attention to products in your displays. Illuminating your products from beneath is a very effective trick to draw attention to them.
Pictured: The Vlisco store.


You can alter your store's atmosphere by experimenting with furniture and different textures of fabric. For instance, Wood flooring will create a more inviting feel than linoleum. Consider adding lavish textures like satin. Furnishing your boutique in an unusual way could create style and help differentiate you - there are no hard and fast rules to this. Go ahead and be creative.


Your storefront’s appearance will either draw shoppers or push them away. Your storefront should include distinct touches to give shoppers a taste of what you sell. Change the items in your displays every now and then to keep your store interesting for shoppers.

Remember, a well planned layout could greatly boost your sales. Consider doing some redecorating now that you have learnt a thing or two about layout. Maybe you should select a new theme, re-adjust your lighting system, or take the appearance of your storefront more seriously. Let’s see how your sale skyrockets when you do.