Thursday, 19 April 2012

Our Fabulous New Intern

As you may have heard, we now have an intern!
She's as fabulous as her very own camera Lady Di. Though we (particularly Ob Abenser Team FashionistaGH captain) dragged our feet in taking her on, we now find ourselves wishing she had come in earlier. Earlier this week, she took the team through a drilling session pointing out all the things (she thought) we were doing wrong. Ob for instance has been banned from wearing 'black' or any of his much favoured dark tones. Only time will tell how that goes but suffice to say that he showed up in the office in a bright blue collared shirt. (Thank you Abby)
So, enough said for now.
Presenting the C.E.O. of FashionistaGH ...(insert drum-roll and thunderous applause) ABBY.
The following shall be her acceptance speech.