Monday, 1 July 2013

What You Wear Counts

Today's blog is very interactive, you know, a  question and answer sort of thing.
Oh and our answers are based on a quick survey we had.
So quick question! What do Ghanaian teens love to wear?
Easy! Every teenager likes to imitate their favorite celebrity, be it musicians, movie stars, politicians, basically  anyone in the spotlight.  
Next question!  How are our Ghanaian celebrities influencing our teenagers in the sense of clothing. Oh yeah, we love dis one.
They've had a great impact on the youngsters. However, there are very few celebrities who dress in our local attires, the overwhelming majority dress up as "their" favorite European icons do.
How does this affect our fashion industry? 
Well you know celebrities are more or less 'ambassadors' for the country so if they don't wear locally designed clothes they fail to give our local fashion industry the exposure it needs.
So people! New week, new ways. Help our teenagers to be proud of their heritage. Promote our local fabrics, our native designs, revamp them to suit our time, help grow our fashion industry!
Thank you

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