Monday, 23 February 2015


The crop top is back, but do not panic even for those of us without perfectly toned stomachs. The trend cropped tops is not as quite as scary as it seems.

A crop tops also a belly top or half shirt or a short shirt is a top with its lower part being higher enough to expose the waist or the navel. The cropping of the top in this manner is generally limited to female garments.

Currently, crop tops are in fashion with lot celebrities wearing them in public, and models appearing in them in advertisements.

Fashion designers have also embraced the trend so much that, now they are doing a whole collection of crop tops.

There is no getting away from it; this past year has been the year of the red carpet crop top and still in vogue.

Some DO’s

Do wear with a high- waisted pencil skirt. Do keep I simple. Fussy prints and frilly edges should be avoided.

Do choose a crop top from a structured fabric. Think sleek and modern.


Don’t wear it to the office. There is a time and place for being sassy.

Do not go for anything that finishes more than an inch above your belly button.